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Black Canyon Lake is a special, pristine wilderness that is meant to be explored and enjoyed by anyone who loves the beauty of the outdoors. Information on the many attractions around the area can be found at 


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Black Canyon Road is a very easy trail and a delightful way to spend an afternoon exploring the Mogollon Rim and learning about the history of the area. The trail begins at Black Canyon Lake, a picturesque mountain lake that is much less crowded than the nearby and popular Woods Canyon Lake. Only a 1 mile hike off of the trail allows you to hike to the gravesite of three cowboys who were lynched and hung from a ponderosa tree nearby, unfortunate victims of the Pleasant Valley War between feuding ranchers. Further down the road there are pullouts for old homesteads, indian ruins and ancient petroglyphs. The trail offers numerous historical markers with descriptions and is a great day trip for a family with young children.


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