What we love about the area

This small town feels like something out of a movie. We love the tranquility and the feeling that this town gives you. Pleasant Valley (also known as Young, Az) has not been touched by the metropolitan phase that seems to be taking over everywhere else.

Early American History

Young Arizona has a historic past known for their part in the Pleasant Valley War and Native American dwellings built by the Anisazi.  A great way to learn about their history is by visiting the Pleasant Valley Historical Society and museum, or simply chatting with the friendly locals. 

TOP List of Attractions
 4x4 Trails

Young is a great place to explore with your A.T.V's. That is actually what most of the locals use to get around. They pull up to the Vineyard for their fresh veggies in their side by sides. You can take a ride up to Haigler Creek or go and explore the Sierra Ancha Mountains. Pleasant Valley offers trails to please everyone.



We will continue to compile A List of Attractions from around the area.  

Please ask us for more detailed directions after your booking as some epic locations could be missed on the adventure here!


1.   Haigler Creek
2.   The Jug
3.   Museum
4.   Canyon Lake

5.   Workman Falls
5.   Aztec Peak


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