The Sibley Bell Tent is more than just a work of art. Henry Hopkins Sibley first patented the Bell tent in 1856. The design originated from the Tipi Mr. Sibley was so impressed with. He adapted the design to be more transportable for the U.S. army. Very little was done with the Bell Tent since. That is until today! Amazing mattresses, micro fiber linens and expertly themed décor. We offer a variety of  comforts such as AC, electric heaters, mini fridge and fire pit. We bring the wilderness to your door step in comfort and class.





The need to wander and connect with people from all walks of life, 

has brought myself and a few friends into what is to be our greatest adventure yet!

On this journey, we really let our inner child out to play.

From the days where we made forts and camped out under the stars,

to the days we needed a vacation from that vacation.

Relax and embrace nature once again in comfort and style with Classy Glamping.


We have everything set up for you to just come and relax and enjoy the experience.

However, most guests prefer to bring a few essentials to make their stay more enjoyable.


• Cooler filled w/Beverages & Snacks   

• Personal Toiletries & A Robe

• Favorite Camping Games

“Wonderful idea! A comfortable space to enjoy the outdoors!" 

P.O Box 1303

Payson, Az 85547


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