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We are at Apache Lake Resort this spring until the second week of  June

 Amazing mattresses, micro fiber linens, and expertly themed décor - we offer a variety of amenity's such as BBQs Fire pits and Ice chests< the resort offers Jets skis & kayaks for your daily or half day adventure<.

We bring the wilderness to your door step in comfort and class.




The need to wander and connect with people from all walks of life

has brought myself and a few friends into what is our greatest adventure yet!

On this journey, we let our inner child come out to play. From the days where we made forts and camped out under the stars, to the days we needed a vacation from that vacation.


Relax and embrace nature once again in comfort and style with Classy Glamping.

Our team at Classy Glamping excels at ensuring your next "camping trip" is both luxurious and filled with adventures.

We can't wait to help you plan your next adventure - 

Patrick Teague



While we promise to have everything set up for you to be able to relax and enjoy the experience,

most guests prefer to bring a few essentials to make their stay moreth enjoyable. Below are some suggestions to consider bringing with you to enhance your adventuring:


• Cooler filled w/ Ice, Beverages, & Snacks   

• Personal Toiletries & Robe

• Favorite Camping Games

• Sunscreen and bug spray

• Jackets & hats for cool evenings

• Camping meals 

• Fishing poles!

We are currently Glamping @

Apache Lake Resort until June 19th 2023

“Wonderful idea! A comfortable space to enjoy the outdoors!" 

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