You may find yourself asking, what exactly is glamping? Glamping is a combination of the words glamorous and camping. This word signifies the true meaning of ESCAPISM. Classy Glamping provides you with the freedom to combine the best of the outdoors with the comforts of the indoors: fine linens, amazing beds, lighting, and other luxuries that are not normally utilized in traditional camping. Classy Glamping is your liaison to your adventure in style and comfort.

We are currently Glamping @

•  We travel to you. (some restrictions apply)

•  Bumble Bee Ranch just north of Phoenix off of I17.

23925 bumble Bee Rd, Mayer, AZ 86333

This location offers an abundant amount of  adventures and amenities from

 horse back trail rides ~ cattle drives ~ cowboy dinners ~ hummer tours

~ fishing ~ horse stalls

~ RV hookups ~ 



Have you ever wanted to escape the heat and the rustle & bustle of the city - to immerse yourself in the seclusion of the pristine wilderness, but the thought of having to set up and tear down a camp smash that dream? There is NO NEED for that dream to die! Luxury accomodations are awaiting you on your adventure with Classy Glamping! All you have to do is set aside the time to be absent from your daily life, fill up your gas tank, pack a bag with your favorite outdoor gear/outfits/snacks/games and hit the road. We will have your tent ready for you when you arrive... complete with luxurious linens, ultra-comfortable beds, lights, fans, outlets for charging your phone, sitting areas, and a warm welcome. You deserve to spend your time off enjoying the outdoors, not working on your camp. Leave that to the pro's and use your free time to be TRULY free!


Now through March, 2021, Classy Glamping is set up with five custom-themed Sibley tents at the beautiful Bumble Bee Ranch. Glamping offers a luxurious start to what is sure to be a one of a kind memory. Rent our six-seater ATV and explore the area off-road style! You are sure to find your perfect adventure.

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